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Praesidium Tech: Wholesale Computer Scraps Supplier

Computer scraps are one of the most sought after group of products in the tech hardware industry. Computer scrap includes all wiring and hardware from mobile (cell phones), desktop and laptop computers. This excludes old monitors due to the expenses related in disposing of these safely.
Our company Praesidium Tech has positioned itself as one of the leading worldwide suppliers of wholesale computer scraps and electronics hardware.

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Praesidium Tech is one of the largest Computer Scrap sellers. We deal with a wide variety Computer Scrap for sale. The core business of our company is primarily the selling of a wide variety of Computer Scrap obtained from retail and wholesale purchases from a number of reputed tech companies. We have the ability to buy and sell a wide variety of Computer Scrap. If you are ready to buy computer scrap wholesale, leave us a message.

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    Types Of Computer Scraps For Sale

    • Motherboards
    • Circuit boards
    • Mainframe boards
    • Military gold scrap
    • Aviation circuit boards
    • Backplanes (pin boards)
    • Daughter cards
    • Memory/RAM
    • Military electronic scrap
    • CPU chips
    • IC chips
    • Capacitors
    • Military circuit boards
    • Rectifiers
    • Computer fingers
    • Gold pins
    • Gold connectors
    • Aviation gold scrap

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