8086 Gold Cap with Gold Legs IC

8086 Gold Cap with Gold Legs IC



8086 Gold Cap with Gold Legs IC Wholesale

Various ceramic computer chips from the 1980’s that have Gold pins and lids … which required them to have heavier gold-plated caps (lids) and leads / pins … 8086 & 8088 CPU’s, as well as any early 1960’s and 70’s integrated circuits and 8086 gold cap with gold legs ic.

8086 Gold Cap with or without Gold Leg IC Chips are IC chips that have a gold plate or cap on top with gold legs or aluminum coloured legs. Made in the mid to late 70s and early 80s.

Up for auction we have a nice pile of healthy looking old gold coated chips. Man… if I knew how to refine…. to think how far ahead in life I could actually be.. ha!! Oh well… Weighing in at 1 pound and 5.9 ounces there appears to be an extremely fair amount of e-nugget to be recovered here by the niche refiner. Their beakers should overflow with golden goodness from this lot. These old chips have a very good gold to surface ratio as 8086 gold cap with gold legs ic

The chips are small and the coatings were generous back when these were made. Sold as is for scrap gold CPU processor recovery.